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How Surfacing Cracks Form

Preventative asphalt maintenance involves a lot more than just seal coating. When water run-off builds up in the cracks of your parking lot as a result of seasonal weather and water seepage, water can make its way down to the base and sub-base of the asphalt or concrete surface, weakening the foundation as well as the surface above it. This buildup can cause extensive damage to your asphalt parking lot or residential driveway – especially during the winter when the water freezes and expands, increasing the gaps in your surfacing.

What Pony Up Can do to Help

At Pony Up Parking Lots, we offer asphalt crack filling which is a simple and highly affordable solution to save you from more expensive and extensive repairs which can become necessary at a later date. When combined with seal coating, crack filling ensures long-lasting pavement protection for any size parking lot, roadway, or private drive. Our well-trained staff will identify the troubled portions of your asphalt or concrete surfacing and clean the cracks before filling them to ensure thorough and dependable protection. The result makes your parking lot look incredible while offering protection from future damage from invasive water, traffic, and physical impact.