Professional Parking Lot Striping Near Seattle, WA and Beyond

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Striping Quality & Consistency

At Pony Up Parking Lots, we use state-of-the-art professional stripping equipment to ensure accurate lines, vibrant and visible colors, and the best job possible. For each parking lot striping job, our team starts by clearing away debris and dust that could cause peeling in the immediate future if ignored. We’ll then apply paint using high-pressure striping equipment from Graco and other established American brands. The paint material itself is selected for exceptional visibility, application accuracy, and durability for standing up to Seattle’s challenging seasonal conditions, so our customers can rest easy knowing their property is in good hands with Pony Up Parking Lots.

It Starts with Our Trusted Equipment

In addition to parking lot work, we also do road striping here at Pony Up Parking Lots. Using the best road striping equipment and paints available in the American marketplace, we ensure our striping services leave distinct and long lasting marks on your surfacing. The special striping equipment we use makes road striping an easy and efficient process, so that we only have to go over each section of roadway once. Whether for your parking lot or roadway, our team promises the best striping results you’ll find in Northeastern Seattle.