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The Importance of Curbing

Curbing is often underestimated as a safety measure for property owners. However, if you have ever damaged your car against a well constructed curb, you know just how effective a curb can be. Curbs separate vehicle traffic from zones reserved for foot traffic, greatly improving safety throughout the property. At Pony Up Parking Lots, we offer concrete curbing for both commercial and residential premises to ensure that your parking lot is well laid out and traffic is directed wherever you want it. When installed correctly, concrete curbs are strong and last long, but also occasionally require maintenance after years of natural aging.

Installation & Repair

Our curbing jobs across the greater Northeastern Seattle region have gotten a lot of positive reviews. Whether building them from scratch or repairing damaged ones, we do it all when it comes to concrete curbing at Pony Up Parking Lots. Curbs are important for home properties as well because many homes don’t have fences. Curbs act as a safety measure against wayward traffic and as a clear perimeter for the edge of your private property. Call us today for a quick and hassle-free quote for a new or damaged curb.